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Which roofs are ZXC synthetic resin tiles suitable for?

Which roofs are ZXC synthetic resin tiles suitable for?

2022-09-26 13:54:06

The emergence of new synthetic resin roof tiles has given people more choices. ZXC synthetic resin roof tile have powerful functions, rich colors, convenient and quick installation, and are more suitable for the fast-paced life needs of modern people. So, which roofs are synthetic resin tiles suitable for?

1. Reinforced concrete roof

Before the synthetic resin tile is installed, the roof structure layer, waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer and leveling layer have been constructed and passed the acceptance. After the leveling layer of the synthetic resin tile is constructed, it should be maintained in time. The maintenance time should not be less than 14 days, and it is strictly forbidden to pick chisel or press heavy objects on it. The allowable deviation is 5mm.

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2. Wooden roof

The wooden board surface is flat, the material deformation is small, the board thickness is more than 12mm (the thickness of the board is selected according to the spacing of the roof truss), and the board and the purlin or roof beam are reliably connected with galvanized nails or bolts.

3. Steel structure roof

The steel structure roof requires components such as roof trusses and purlins to be kept flat to ensure the flatness of the roof. Welding of joints must comply with construction specifications, prevent illegal operations, and all steels must be treated with anti-corrosion.