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Precautions for installation of transparent roof tiles

Precautions for installation of transparent roof tiles

2022-09-26 14:02:23

FRP lighting panels are often used in conjunction with color steel roofs or PVC anti-corrosion tiles. Installing FRP lighting panels can effectively improve the actual lighting effect of buildings. However, the installation must pay attention to the actual operation. Loss and scratches may cause its application effect and use. life.

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First, prepare special spare parts, including punching twist drill, self-tapping screw, waterproof cap (including cover, cap, waterproof sealing ring), waterproof tape, etc.

During the construction of transparent tiles, it is strictly forbidden to step on the crest of the wave directly with your feet to prevent the transparent tiles from cracking. A 1200mmx300mm {length x width) non-slip thick wooden board must be placed in the lateral position of the transparent tile, and the foot steps on it to carry out the guide holes and fixing screws of the lighting board.

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Before fixing the lighting tile, the pilot hole must be larger than 6-9mm of the diameter of the fixing screw for thermal expansion and contraction. When the lighting tile and the steel plate are overlapped vertically, there must be a minimum overlap of 200mm, and two layers of waterproof tape are attached to the overlap to prevent backwater.

When the lighting tile is fixed, a good flashing washer must be used, so that it is between the screw and the lighting board, so as to be waterproof and dustproof. After inserting the flashing washers into the screws, use an electric drill to lock them into the purlins to complete the fixing of the lighting panels.