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Our TeamRelease on2020-11-07
"People-oriented, we are family" is our company's principle. Create a comfortable and natural working environment for employees. We have developed a r...Read More
About Our CompanyRelease on2020-10-31
Foshan ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture for ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile, PVC Anti-corrosion Roof Sheet, APVC Plast...Read More
Advantages of ZXC pvc plastic anti-corrosion tileRelease on2022-07-11
All countries in the world have listed the energy conservation and environmental protection of construction material resources as the focus of energy ...Read More
Wholesale PVC Trapezoidal Tile and Corrugated TileRelease on2022-05-18
Tile is one of the most common and oldest building materials, and is the main roofing material. It can not only protect against wind and rain, but als...Read More
ZXC Wholesale Lighting Roof Sheets for GreenhousesRelease on2022-05-16
After people's continuous exploration and repeated practice, fruit tree planting has entered the greenhouse, and more mature experience has been obtai...Read More
ZXC Multifunctional PVC Roof Tile WholesaleRelease on2022-05-06
1.Sound proof plastic roofing tile sheet In suffering heavy rain, high winds the impact of outside noise, ZhongXingCheng PVC plastic roofing sheet has...Read More
How to calculate the amount of resin tile?Release on2022-04-25
As one of the oldest building materials, tile has been widely used for thousands of years. Tile is the most important roofing material. It not only pl...Read More
What should you pay attention to when purchasing roof tiles?Release on2022-04-24
The roof tiles are located outdoors and are exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, so we must pay attention to weather resistance, waterproof, ...Read More
The material and characteristics of ZXC transparent lighting tileRelease on2022-04-24
The lighting tile maintains stable performance in the temperature range of -40 ℃ - 120 ℃, without high temperature softening, high cold embrittlemen...Read More
ZXC PVC Roof Tile Features and Installation PrecautionsRelease on2022-04-07
PVC tile, also known as plastic-steel tile, is a new type of environmentally friendly building material. Its excellent toughness and strength make con...Read More
Frp sheetsRelease on2022-02-12
FRP tiles, also known as colored steel tiles, are actually made of PVC, PC or FRP materials. They are new building materials with better toughness, co...Read More
ASA Synthetic Resin Tile Special AccessoriesRelease on2020-10-31
Raw material of ASA synthetic resin tile from ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic,the advanced three layer co-extrusion technology,surface ...Read More
ZXC roof tile company hold a BBQ party for the staffRelease on2019-08-13
In order to let the staff have a nice rest, we organized to BBQ party in the factory. Now it's summer vacation time, and the employees' children were ...Read More
ZXC sent holiday gifts to children of staffRelease on2019-07-22
ZXC sent holiday gifts to children of staff The summer vacation is coming, the weather is hot, and the children come to visit the company fr...Read More
how long is the life span of synthetic resin rooftilesRelease on2019-07-08
how long is the life span of synthetic resin rooftilesRead More
ZXC rooftile Promotion Meeting for sales departmentRelease on2019-07-05
04 July we held the promotion meeting for the sales department on ZXC roofing ti...Read More
new launching item of ZXC ASAPVC wall panelRelease on2019-05-24
new launching item of ZXC ASAPVC wall panelRead More
Canton Fair the 125th in GuangDong china ZXC upvc roofing tile company on fairRelease on2019-05-04
The five-day 2019 China (China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) came to an end,  Foshan ZhongXingCheng building materials carrying synthetic resin...Read More
Senegal new clients' visiting on May Day holidayRelease on2019-05-02
Senegal new clients' visiting on May Day holidayRead More
Celebration on ZXC 7th anniversaryRelease on2018-07-29
29 July, again welcome our anniversary~~ The 7th birthday of Foshan ZXC New Material Techonoly Co. Ltd.Read More