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Common Problems of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

Common Problems of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

2022-08-01 14:15:30

The utilization rate of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles is getting higher and higher. During installation and use, we often encounter some small problems and how to solve them?

1. What should I do if I accidentally drill a hole when installing the resin tile roof?

Solution: The wrongly drilled hole can be filled with glass glue. After filling, it can be used with confidence and will not leak.

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2. Some resin tile roofs will make noise when the wind blows. What is the reason?

If the resin tile is installed without a waterproof layer, and the purlin spacing is relatively large, or the self-tapping screw is tightened tightly when the resin tile is fixed, there may be a sound when a strong wind blows.

Solution: When installing, the purlin should be installed strictly according to the specifications of the resin tile to lay the corresponding distance of the purlin. When tightening the tile, don't tighten it too tightly, but don't be too loose. Too loose the tile is not easy to fix. cause water leakage. In addition, when the weather is extremely cold or hot, the resin tile will shrink or expand, and it will pull to cause noise, which is the reason for thermal expansion and contraction.

3. How to solve the problem of indoor dripping of resin tile roof in winter?

synthetic resin roof tile drips because the indoor temperature is high in winter and the outdoor temperature is low. When the hot and cold air flow meets on the synthetic resin tile roof, water droplets will be produced, which is a very common physical "condensation" phenomenon. The synthetic resin tile does not absorb water, so the water droplets condense too much, and it will drip down.
The solution: to make the roof insulation layer, you can lay a waterproof layer under the synthetic resin tile, or enhance the indoor ventilation, there will be no dripping phenomenon.

When purchasing Synthetic Resin Roofing sheet, many people are concerned about sound insulation and noise reduction, and worry that the sound will be too loud in rainy weather. Our ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. resin tile itself has the function of sound insulation and noise reduction. Even if no waterproof layer is laid, the sound of rain Basically isolated. If there is also a waterproof layer, there will be no sound. Welcome to contact us for custom purchase.