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Why does the resin tile roof make noise?

Why does the resin tile roof make noise?

2022-04-29 12:15:10

Resin tiles are light and tough, easy to install, and rich in colors, making more and more consumers choose this environmentally friendly new material. It can range from the decoration of a single family to the construction of major projects such as schools, factories and warehouses. Today, let's talk about the sound of resin tile roofing:

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1. Affected by temperature difference
The sound of the resin tile is due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the plastic material. The resin tile itself has a certain expansion coefficient. If the temperature difference between day and night is too large during use, abnormal noise will occur, which is a normal phenomenon.

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2. Errors in construction steps cause abnormal noise
If the resin tile is installed without a waterproof layer, and the purlin spacing is relatively large, or the self-tapping screws are tightened tightly when the resin tile is fixed, these will affect the roof structure and cause noise.

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Correct understanding of the characteristics of resin tiles and reasonable and ingenious construction details can effectively deal with the problem of sound.
1. During installation, the purlin should be installed strictly according to the specifications of the resin tile to lay the corresponding distance of the purlin.
2. Before screws screwing, a small hole should be drilled on the crest of the tile. This hole diameter is recommended to be a few millimeters larger than the diameter of the screw, so that a small gap is reserved to leave room for thermal expansion and contraction.
3. When tightening the screws, it is enough to make the waterproof cover just stick to the tile surface with a little force. Don't press it too tightly. Do not press down hard, just make the waterproof cover just stick to the tile surface, so as to avoid the tile surface being artificially compressed.