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How to deal with the leakage of PVC roof tiles

How to deal with the leakage of PVC roof tiles

2022-04-29 15:20:47

There are many situations in which water leakage occurs in PVC roof tiles. When these situations occur, we should take timely remedies.

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Causes of leaks:
1. The span of the steel structure is very large when it is built, and the middle is lower than the two ends.
2. If the quality of raw materials used in the production of PVC roof tiles is too poor, water leakage will occur.
3. When there is a storm, the joints of the PVC roof tiles rub from time to time, resulting in the wear of the material at the joints.
4. There will be a small amount of impact due to the fixing of the upper nail, which will cause the water leakage phenomenon when it is worn to the seam.
5. The shape of the PVC roof tile has been changed by improper external force, resulting in water leakage.

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When the PVC anti-corrosion tile leaks, it is first necessary to check the cause of its water leakage, so as to better make corresponding compensation methods, so that the PVC roof tile will no longer leak. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future, the probability of water leakage can be minimized at the time of construction. These positions that constitute water leakage after easy wear and tear can be made in place as much as possible with materials, which also avoids the troubles caused in the future.

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