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Does fading of PVC tiles affect performance?

Does fading of PVC tiles affect performance?

2022-04-27 17:38:31

When PVC tiles are exposed to the sun and rain, the color will become lighter and fade. This is a normal phenomenon, so will it affect the function of PVC tiles?

The fading of PVC plastic steel tile mainly depends on the structure of the pigment itself. The molecular structure of the PVC tile surface pigment is different, and the stability is quite different. After the pigment gradually fades, the PVC tile gradually restores the true color of the PVC resin powder, that is, white. However, the structure of the PVC molecules has not changed, so it does not affect the quality of the PVC tile itself. Nor does it mean that its lifespan will be shortened.

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So what factors determine the service life of PVC tiles?
1. Internal factors of the product: the formula of the PVC tile itself, the processing technology and the thickness of the tile material。
2. External environmental factors: The stronger the ultraviolet rays, the shorter the service life of PVC tiles.​ ​
3. Improper installation of PVC tiles will also shorten its service life.

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The fading of roof tiles has always been a concern of users. Although fading does not affect the lifespan, it will make the factory look old. If you have higher requirements for color, pvc corrugated sheet manufacturer ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. remind you can choose a relatively stable blue. Compared with jujube red, orange yellow, big red, etc., the molecular structure of blue is relatively stable, not easy to fade, and the color is durable. When choosing a factory building tile, corrosion resistance is an issue that cannot be ignored. The blue molecular structure is relatively compact, and the corrosion resistance is stronger than other colors.