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What should I pay attention to when installing lighting tiles?

What should I pay attention to when installing lighting tiles?

2022-04-26 19:09:03
When storing lighting tiles, pay attention to the protection of lighting tiles. If there are cracks, there will be water leakage when it rains, which will affect normal use. When storing, it is necessary to prevent rain and sunlight. Care should be taken to handle it with care to avoid bending and deformation of the lighting tile.

What should be paid attention to when installing?

1. After the laying is completed, the location of the lighting tile is reserved, and the construction is gradually carried out from the cornice to the ridge. The lighting tile is directly buckled on the side crest of the steel plate.

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2. The lighting tile needs to be drilled before fixing. The hole diameter must be larger than 6-9mm of the diameter of the fixing screw, that is, the hole diameter must be larger than 50% of the diameter of the screw used to avoid the inner wall of the lighting tile due to thermal expansion and contraction. Stress cracking lighting tiles, so a reasonable gap should be left.

3. When the lighting tile is lapped longitudinally with the steel plate, the minimum overlap must be 200MM, and two waterstops must be attached. The lighting tile must be operated with attention during installation to avoid wear and scratches. These are all May affect the service life of the lighting board.

4. The spacing of the purlins supported by the lighting tile: the larger the spacing of the purlins, the thicker the product thickness; when the lighting tile is bent and used, its allowable bending radius is related to the waveform and plate thickness, and the general bending radius shall not be less than 4 meters.

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5. The lighting tile does not need to be overlapped within 12m. If it exceeds, it needs to be overlapped. The length of the overlap is between 200-400MM. Two coats of sealant should be applied at the overlapped place. Longitudinal requires Kanban type.

5. When fixing the lighting tile, a good flashing washer must be used, and it should be placed between the screw and the lighting board for waterproof and dustproof. After inserting the flashing washers into the screws, use an electric drill to lock them into the purlins to complete the fixing of the lighting tile.

In addition, in order to avoid damage or to avoid damage and damage by heavy objects or tools, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the lighting tile, and it is necessary to step on the purlin.