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What color pvc anti-corrosion tile is of higher quality?

What color pvc anti-corrosion tile is of higher quality?

2022-04-25 15:38:18

We all know that the original roof tile is heavy in quality and has a long production cycle, while pvc tile is not only light in quality, but also has a short production cycle. More importantly, the performance of anti-corrosive PVC roof tiles is very outstanding, which is better than any other roofing sheet. The anti-corrosion performance is more prominent. Next, let's study how to judge the quality of pvc tiles by the appearance and color of pvc tiles?

First of all, let's look at whether the basic colors are consistent from the appearance. The overall coordination of the surface color of a good anti-corrosion tile is very consistent, not dark or light.

Secondly, no matter what color the pvc tile is, see if there are air bubbles on the surface. For a normal product, the surface should be smooth without air bubbles. We can also test a flame retardant and fireproof performance of pvc tile, and ignite it directly with a lighter to see if it can be ignited.

It is also necessary to see if there are air bubbles in the place where the pvc tile is cut, that is, whether the interior is squeezed tightly. Only when the pvc tile is squeezed can its quality be guaranteed, and the color of the inside and outside of the cutting place should be the same, otherwise the performance in all aspects will not be guaranteed. .

The emergence of pvc tiles has greatly improved both the production time and the construction progress. I believe that through continuous development, there will be more and more places where pvc tiles are used, and we (PVC plastic corrugated roofing supplier) ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new ones roof tiles. Better quality and better products to meet the constant needs of our customers.