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What problems should be paid attention to to avoid cracking during the use of fiberglass roof tiles?

I believe that many people's sunshine tiles have cracking phenomenon during use. So, what is the reason for the cracking of sunshine tiles? How to avoid this situation?

1. First of all, when purchasing sunshine tiles, you must choose a regular factory to ensure the quality of the sunshine tiles. The cracking of the sunshine tiles will not only affect its service life, but also have potential safety hazards, so it must be paid attention to.

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2. Sunshine tile material is too brittle, with poor stretching and crushing properties, and the ultimate stress at this time is also very small. As a result, it is easy to crack during transportation, so it must be handled with care when handling the solar tile. If unqualified products are found, contact the manufacturer to replace them in time.

3. Sunshine tiles have relatively low resistance, poor tensile and bending resistance, and are prone to cracking at corners or steel structures during the installation process. Therefore, the protection of the corners during transportation should be in place, and high-strength pulling or bending of the solar tiles should be avoided during construction.

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4. Because the hardness and water absorption of the sun tile are strong, the strong hardness leads to the cracking of the sun tile after use. After absorbing water and getting wet, it becomes swollen, which will cause the sun tile to deform and crack. Therefore, when installing, you can place a non-slip plank in the horizontal direction of the sun tile, and then step on the plank to carry out guide holes and fix screws, so as to avoid stepping directly on the crest or the sun tile, causing it to deform or crack. The gap between the sunshine tile and the sunshine tile shall be pasted with a waterstop. When it is overlapped vertically, it is necessary to stick two waterstops. In this way, water or dust can be prevented from entering the workshop, and the cracking of the solar tile caused by water absorption can also be avoided.