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What kind of roof tiles can be used in natural disaster-prone areas

What kind of roof tiles can be used in natural disaster-prone areas

2022-08-03 10:54:43

In China, places such as Sichuan and Taiwan are prone to earthquakes, and many areas are also affected by natural disasters such as hail, heavy snow, and heavy rain. Generally, damaged building roofs are old houses with traditional cement tiles and small green tiles. These tiles are heavy and have poor performance. When an earthquake occurs, it is easy to rupture and fall off, and it is easy to cause secondary damage. At higher levels, the consequences are even more severe, with walls cracking and houses collapsing.

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The selection of building materials in these areas should consider safety issues, and choose a series of building materials that are lightweight and durable, fire-resistant and earthquake-resistant. Synthetic resin tile is a new type of environmental protection building material. The roof tiles produced by ZXC Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet Manufacturers have the advantages of fire insulation, noise resistance, wind and shock resistance, hail resistance, ultraviolet resistance, anti-corrosion and other advantages, and the service life is more than 25 years. Maintenance free.

In some natural disaster-prone areas, synthetic resin tiles are selected as roofing materials. It not only meets the anti-corrosion requirements of the factory, but also saves worry and effort. It not only has the characteristics of plastic, but also saves steel and becomes the main bearing tile. In the face of natural disasters, synthetic resin tiles are all lightweight materials, which can reduce the damage to the human body caused by the falling of roof tiles and ensure personal safety.