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Rapid drainage of PVC large pit tile

Rapid drainage of PVC large pit tile

2022-08-05 18:23:46

The annual rainy season is a great problem for people in rain-prone areas. The overall performance advantage of PVC large pit tiles is the same as that of synthetic resin tiles, but the wave crest is higher than that of synthetic resin tiles, and the large slope can effectively improve waterproofing. effect, promote smooth drainage, more conducive to waterproof and leak-proof.

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ZXC PVC large pit tile has a large single-piece area, less installation and connection, and a significant waterproof effect. After installation, the entire roof can form a powerful system with strong resistance to natural disasters such as wind and rain. Lossless.

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Our ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. PVC big pit roof tile is also suitable for small slope structure roof waterproofing. In the rain-prone areas, friends who are ready to renovate their houses and buy tiles are welcome to contact us to order.