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What are the characteristics of ZXC FRP tile?

What are the characteristics of ZXC FRP tile?

2022-07-08 15:07:53

FRP tile is commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic tile, transparent tile, lighting tile, lighting belt, etc. It is a lighting material used in conjunction with steel structures, and its main component is glass fiber reinforced plastic polyester. Our ZXC FRP roofing sheet manufacturers have two kinds of flat tile and corrugated sheet, so, what are the characteristics of it?

1. It has good crush resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, and easy installation. The glass fiber tile roof will not form obvious stains due to ash accumulation, and will not retain water stains even under long-term rainy season conditions. After being washed by rain, it will appear cleaner.

2. The lighting of the product is astigmatism, the light is soft, and the light transmittance is kept high, which can effectively block most ultraviolet light.

3. The thermal insulation performance is strong, and the thermal conductivity of the glass fiber tile roof is low, which blocks the conduction of heat from the outside to the inside in summer and the dissipation from the inside to the outside in winter, thus ensuring the comfort of the top-floor residents.

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