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Thermal insulation effect of ZXC PVC plastic tile

Thermal insulation effect of ZXC PVC plastic tile

2022-04-08 18:56:35

PVC plastic tile is a new type of environmentally friendly roofing building material. The thermal insulation effect of PVC plastic tiles is excellent. Today's high-end factories, farmers markets, passages, warehouses and other roof constructions basically use PVC plastic thermal insulation tiles. From the appearance, it is basically the same as color steel tiles. Then, What is the reason?  The ZXC will introduce the advantages of PVC plastic insulation tiles in detail:

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ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. PVC plastic tile has strong thermal insulation performance, Through testing, the thermal conductivity of PVC tile is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of clay tile, 1/5 of cement tile, and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. Compared with other traditional roof tiles, It can be seen that its thermal insulation effect is excellent.

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The PVC plastic tiles provided by ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. are also divided into several different products: PVC anti-corrosion tile, PVC anti-corrosion thermal insulation tile, APVC anti-corrosion and weather-resistant composite tile, ASA-PVC ultra-weather-resistant composite tile and UPVC hollow anti-corrosion tile Insulation tiles and other products, welcome to contact us for sales.