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How to properly clean FRP tiles

How to properly clean FRP tiles

2022-04-11 15:06:20

ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet is widely used in the construction industry due to its advantages of aging resistance, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and rich colors. In order to ensure that the function of the product can be maintained during use, maintenance is very important. Because air and other objective environmental elements will constitute various phenomena such as smudges, it is necessary for us to clean it. So how to clean the FRP tile?

1. It is necessary to rinse with warm water below 60°C when cleaning.
2. Use neutral detergents when cleaning, and detergents that have corrosive effects on FRP tiles are not allowed.
3. It is required to scrub quietly with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. Do not use coarse cloths, brushes, mops and other stable and sharp objects for cleaning.
4. When there is grease, wet paint, tape marks, etc. on the surface, use a soft cloth to wipe with alcohol.
5. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the cleaned dirt with clean water.
6. Finally, use a clean cloth to dry and polish the surface of the board, and there should be no obvious water marks.

FRP Roofing Sheet Supplier China reminder: The cleaning agent not suitable for FRP is alkaline solution, which will corrode the board surface. Esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and all substances that can dissolve or swell polycarbonate are prohibited.
Good maintenance of FRP roofing sheet can make the surface brighter, increase the service life, and save costs.