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The reason for the cracking of the lighting tile? How to patch?

The reason for the cracking of the lighting tile? How to patch?

2022-07-05 18:08:02

The lighting tile has developed smoothly and has been welcomed and praised by many users, but the lighting tile sometimes has cracking problems during use, which affects the use. Why does this problem occur?

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Usually, the crack occurs at the corner, and it also occurs in the steel structure. Due to the high hardness of the lighting tile, the brittleness and low toughness in use, the resistance to stretching and bending is poor, resulting in a period of use. Cracks will occur later. Moreover, the lighting tile itself is absorbent, and it will absorb moisture in the air and swell or deform during long-term use. Therefore, in order to prevent this when fixing, it is necessary to lay a waterproof pad.

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Generally speaking, the use time of lighting tile is relatively long, which can meet the general use requirements, and its life span is about 15 to 20 years. However, due to certain factors, it may also be damaged, so how should it be repaired?
First of all, according to the situation of cracking, if there are small cracks on the lighting tile, the measure we can take is to apply glass rubber on the cracks, which can not only achieve the purpose of bonding, but also play a waterproof role.

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Secondly, the lighting tile is seriously damaged, and if there are small holes on it, it should be dealt with according to the size of the damaged area. When the diameter of the lighting tile is less than 1 cm, it can be directly filled with sealant and sealed. When the diameter of the lighting tile exceeds 1 cm, cut the same material to cover the damaged area, or replace the lighting tile with a new one.