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Are there any advantages of synthetic resin tiles compared to ceramic tiles?

1. Lightweight and durable:
Synthetic resin tiles are chemical products, and the weight of synthetic resin tiles is very light, which not only makes the installation procedure easier, but also reduces the load-bearing capacity of the house. But don't think that the synthetic resin tile is light and thin, and the pressure resistance is poor.

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2. Fire and corrosion resistance:
The fire rating of synthetic resin tile is B1, and it is a safe building material that complies with the fire standard of national roofing materials. Its corrosion resistance is also very good, no matter the sun and rain, the seasonal changes will not be corroded and aged.

3. Heat and sound insulation:
Synthetic resin tile has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, which isolates noisy noise from the outside, and the external climate change will not have a great impact on the indoor environment. Synthetic resin tile provides people with a comfortable living environment.

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