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The difference between PVC plastic tile and ordinary plastic

The difference between PVC plastic tile and ordinary plastic

2022-07-01 18:05:17

1. The processing of PVC is very dependent on some additives. PVC resin powder itself cannot be directly processed into any products. Stabilizers, lubricants, processing aids, etc. must be added, and plasticizers in soft products are also necessary.

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2. PVC resin itself and other general-purpose plastics are heavy in the synthesis process and can not rely on petroleum by-products. Therefore, it is almost not as related to the oil industry chain as other general-purpose plastics.

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3. PVC material is widely used in building materials, because it has an obvious advantage, that is, in the process of outdoor use, because of its different decomposition mechanism, the degree of physical performance decline is relatively small. And the price is relatively low.

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