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Synthetic Resin Tile for Lightweight Buildings

Synthetic Resin Tile for Lightweight Buildings

2022-05-14 10:44:27

There are many types of roof tiles, such as clay tiles, glass fiber reinforced plastic roof tiles, glazed tiles, PC roof tiles, Spanish tiles, synthetic resin tiles, asphalt linoleum tiles, ancient bricks and so on.

In house construction, roof tile is an indispensable part of the house. It not only plays the role of sheltering from wind and rain and indoor lighting, but also has an important decorative effect. However, with the continuous upgrading of production technology and craftsmanship, the types of roof tiles There are also more and more, and many people have no idea about the choice of roof tiles.

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Today, let's take a look at the characteristics and applicable buildings of synthetic resin tiles provided by ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

ZXC Synthetic resin tiles are divided according to their performance materials: asa synthetic resin tiles, pvc synthetic resin tiles, thermal insulation synthetic resin tiles, anti-corrosion synthetic resin tiles, FRP Roofing Tiles, PC Roofing Tiles etc.

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The tiles we produce largest features is that the corrosion resistance is relatively strong. And it has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, low noise, weather resistance, no asbestos, bright colors, environmental protection and health. Because of its portability, it is widely used in light-structured houses, factories, greenhouses, villas, etc.