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ZXC Wholesale Lighting Roof Sheets for Greenhouses

ZXC Wholesale Lighting Roof Sheets for Greenhouses

2022-05-16 15:24:30

After people's continuous exploration and repeated practice, fruit tree planting has entered the greenhouse, and more mature experience has been obtained. With the greenhouse cultivation technology, some tropical fruits, such as bananas, dragon fruits, oranges, pineapples, etc, can also settle down in the northern greenhouses where the temperature is relatively low, and produce rich fruits. Adding a beautiful landscape for tourism agriculture and achieved considerable economic benefits.

Our ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. provides lighting roof panels for the construction of greenhouses for the majority of fruit farmers. Here are the three best-selling products:

1. ZXC translucent fiberglass plastic roofing sheets best-selling india

new fiberglass roof panels

2.ZXC plastic FRP lighting panel,  skylight transparent glass fiberglass roofing sheet

corrugated clear roofing sheets price

3.ZXC greenhouse plastic panels corrugated fiberglass roofing sheet

corrugated fiberglass panels price

FRP tiles have good light transmission and are usually suitable for tourist resort villa applications, covering farms, and Green houses, skylights and so on.

Zhongxingcheng New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ASA synthetic resin tile, APVC anti-corrosion composite tile, PVC anti-corrosion tile , PVC sink, PVC plate, FRP transparent tile, PVC, PC transparent tile. If your order matches our stock size details, we can faster delivery time. Of course, it can also be customized for you according to your needs.