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Do I need extra waterproofing when using synthetic resin tiles?

As a new type of environmentally friendly roofing building material, resin tile has begun to be accepted and widely used. So, do you need extra waterproofing when using synthetic resin roof tile?

The main material of the resin tile is synthetic resin. As a type of polymer material, synthetic resin has a compact structure and does not absorb water, which prevents the occurrence of penetration and ensures the self-waterproof function from the material. In addition, the resin tile has a large sheet area, few lap joints, and tight lap joints. The design of special accessories is scientific and reasonable. Compared with traditional small tiles, it has better waterproof performance, and the structure of the tile ensures self-waterproof performance.

Seeing this, does it mean that the resin tile does not need to be waterproof? In fact, the self-waterproofing of synthetic resin tiles is conditional. Because, whether the resin tile needs to be a waterproof layer is determined by the waterproof level of the building roof.

1. When the resin tile is used alone, it can meet the roof waterproofing requirements of waterproof grade three.
2. When the resin tile is used in combination with the waterproof membrane or the waterproof coating film, it can meet the roof waterproofing requirements of the second-level waterproofing level.

Therefore, asa pvc plastic roof tile manufacturer reminds when purchasing resin tiles as roofing materials, it is necessary to determine whether the roofing can be directly used resin tiles according to the actual situation and requirements.

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