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Selection methods and skills of sloping roof tiles

Selection methods and skills of sloping roof tiles

2022-09-19 12:00:30

Compared with the drainage system of the flat roof, the drainage of the sloping roof is faster. In the rainy area, due to the instantaneous rainfall and typhoon climate, the sloping roof drains the rainwater more smoothly, and it is not easy to generate roof water. Then, when purchasing sloping roof tiles What methods and techniques should you pay attention to?

1. The choice of color

People are visual animals, and it is better to choose the color of sloping roof tiles without being dazzling. In addition, it should also be noted that the sloping roof tiles used for the same roof must ensure the uniformity of color, and must not have spots or different shades of color, otherwise it will reduce the overall aesthetics of the house.

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2, the choice of shape

There are many shapes of sloping roof tiles. In addition to the most common corrugated shape, there are also square-shaped flat shapes, fish scale shapes, etc. The final effects of different shapes of roof tiles are completely different.

3. Weather resistance

Roof tiles are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, so when purchasing sloping roof tiles, pay attention to weather resistance, with high strength, waterproof and corrosion resistance as the first choice. In addition, for the purchase of sloping roof tiles for northern buildings, it is also necessary to consider frost resistance, and try to choose sloping roof tiles with a relatively high density, otherwise the tile surface will peel off and break due to low temperature, thus shortening the service cycle.

4, the choice of size

The size of the sloping roof tiles must be accurate to ensure that the lap joint is tight during construction, so that no gaps will appear and lead to rainwater leakage. If the size error of sloping roof tiles is relatively large, large gaps will often occur after paving, and warping problems may occur, which is extremely unsightly. In general, the size error of a single tile is best controlled within 2 mm.

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