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Is it necessary to repaint the faded roof tile?

Is it necessary to repaint the faded roof tile?

2022-09-16 16:54:22

Common roofing tiles include cement tiles, terracotta tiles, ancient building tiles, metal tiles (color steel tiles and metal roofing systems, etc.), colored stone metal tiles, asphalt tiles, resin tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, PVC plastic tiles, etc. Of course, no matter what kind of tiles it is, there will be problems such as fading, fading, and color changes over time. Seriously affect the decorative effect of tiles.

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Roof tile spraying renovation is the easiest, fastest and lowest cost way to solve the color problem of roof tiles. But not all tiles are suitable for spray renovation, and not all old pitched roofs can be sprayed for renovation. If the surface of the tile is weathered, rusted, molted and other aging conditions, the roof tile needs to be replaced in time.

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