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How to Install a PVC Rain Gutter System

How to Install a PVC Rain Gutter System

2022-09-15 18:02:09

The PVC rain gutter system is currently the most widely used roof gutter downspout system. So how should the PVC rain gutter system be installed?

1. First mark the place where the rain gutter is installed in a horizontal direction, and then use the ink to stretch the line from the starting end position to the end position.

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2. Take out the rainwater gutter, and then take it out smoothly, and then use a cutting machine to cut out an opening with a size similar to the position of the water outlet of the rainwater bucket at a place where the rainwater bucket is installed in the horizontal direction under the rainwater gutter.

3. Slowly insert the rainwater bucket along the opening into the rainwater gutter in the PVC gutter downspout system.

4. Then install the hangers on the rainwater gutter, and insert them in a certain order. At the same time, the distance between them should be determined. The distance between the two adjacent hangers is about 40 cm to 45 cm. between.

5. Use a size 6 electric drill to make holes where the wires are going to be and drive them into the expansion tube.

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6. Place the rain gutter in the place where the wire has been stretched before, and then adjust the spacing of the "hanger", and then use the 4X40 stainless steel screw to fix the rain gutter and the hanger. .

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