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How to prevent plastic tiles from being blown over by strong winds

How to prevent plastic tiles from being blown over by strong winds

2022-07-21 14:15:39

Plastic tiles are very lightweight. Many people think that they are light and easy to be blown or folded by the wind. In fact, plastic tiles have excellent wind and shock resistance, and have high toughness, deformation resistance, impact resistance and explosion resistance. In addition to its own windproof and shockproof performance, installation and fixation are also the key to enhancing the windproof performance of plastic tiles.

ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. teaches you how to install plastic tiles in a windy environment to effectively avoid the risk of being overturned by the wind.

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When installing plastic tiles, install them in the opposite direction according to the local wind direction. All fixing screws should be installed at the top of the wave, and ensure that the screws are perpendicular to the tile surface. When fixing, the flexibility of the tile should be considered. The screws should not be tightened too tightly, so as not to cause the deformation of the tile and cause water leakage. The number of screw screws should be guaranteed to be no less than 6 per square meter. For the edge part, please increase screw screws appropriately, and ensure that the part of the tile protruding from the eaves is within 100MM. At the longitudinal edge of the tile, each wave crest must be fixed on the purlin with accessories, and appropriate reinforcement measures are required in windy areas.

Installed neatly and fastened smartly, plastic tiles can withstand hurricanes even in windy areas. We, ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd., are a professional manufacturer of custom plastic roof panels. Our new environmentally friendly roof tiles are lightweight, tough, thermal insulation, sound insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wind resistance and shock resistance, and fire insulation, easy installation and other advantages.

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