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How to maintain and clean plastic tiles?

How to maintain and clean plastic tiles?

2022-07-18 19:08:53

With the development, there are more and more roofing tiles, and PVC is a new type of tile. Compared with the previous ceramic tile, it is relatively labor-saving to maintain and clean, and one investment can last for a period of time, thus reducing the daily maintenance energy.

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Even so, it is inevitable that it will be eroded in nature. When this happens, the building should be repaired in time. The roof tile has a wide range. Not only should its surface be kept clean, but also reasonable repairs should be made according to different damages to make the tile look beautiful. Check it carefully. When the tile is well maintained, the energy invested in the later period will be reduced, and the burden of the building will also be reduced.

So, how should we do a good job of maintenance and cleaning?

According to the correct steps, regular cleaning of plates with proper cleaning solvent and tools can make plates beautiful and prolong their service life. Rinse with clean water (below 60℃), clean the dust and dirt on the board with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral soap solution or detergent, and rinse with water again. If there is grease, wet paint, glue marks, etc. on the board surface, it can be wiped off with a soft cloth dipped in absolute alcohol. After cleaning, rinse with cold water and then dry the board with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.

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Matters needing attention: The dust removal cycle should not be too frequent, otherwise it will cause some corrosion. Generally speaking, it can be dusted once in spring and autumn respectively. It is forbidden to use coarse fiber fabric or brush to touch the board surface, and it is forbidden to scrape PVC board with scraper, razor or other sharp tools.