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How to install transparent plastic roof tiles

How to install transparent plastic roof tiles

2022-11-15 18:08:37

Transparent plastic tiles, also known as lighting tiles, are widely used for lighting on the walls of industrial plants, thermal insulation and lighting in agricultural vegetable greenhouses, roof lighting in public stadiums, as well as warehouses, greenhouses, stations, docks, airports, commercial buildings, steel structures and many other lighting field. So how to install and use transparent plastic tiles?

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1. The transparent tile needs a pilot hole before fixing, and the hole diameter must be greater than 50% of the diameter of the fixing screw to avoid the internal stress cracking caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.

2. The transparent lighting tile is fixed with aluminum profile fasteners, and the corrugated lighting tile is connected and fixed with lighting tile brackets and self-tapping screws, and then glued and sealed. The location of the lighting tile is generally set in the middle of the span.

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3. When the transparent lighting tile and the steel plate are overlapped in the longitudinal direction, there must be a small overlap of 200mm, and two waterstops are attached.

4. The transparent lighting tile is connected with the self-tapping screw, and there must be a cover plate. The solar panel has large thermal deformation and is easy to be cut by the self-tapping screws, so the solar panel should open larger holes at the self-tapping screws. The flexibility of the lighting board should be considered when installing the lighting board.

5. When the transparent lighting tile is fixed, a good flashing washer must be used to make it between the screw and the lighting board to facilitate waterproof and dustproof. After inserting the flashing washers into the screws, use an electric drill to lock them into the purlins to complete the fixing of the lighting panels.