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How to deal with the waterproof problem of resin tile roof?

How to deal with the waterproof problem of resin tile roof?

2022-05-26 17:51:40

The house is a place for us to shelter from the wind and rain, so waterproof treatment is particularly important. Waterproofing is to apply waterproof paint or lay a waterproof layer at the intersection of the wall, roof, and flat facade of the house. ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet itself has a three-level waterproof effect because of its tightness and non-absorption, but for buildings that need to meet the second-level waterproof requirements, such as villa sloping roofs and school sloping roofs, a waterproof layer should also be added. So, what should be paid attention to when the resin tile house is subjected to secondary waterproofing treatment?

The general practice of secondary waterproofing of resin tile slope roof: structural roof + cement mortar leveling layer + waterproof layer + thermal insulation layer + leveling layer or protective layer + hanging tile.

If there are higher requirements, you can make waterproof mortar on the cement mortar leveling layer, add a waterproof layer between the insulation layer and the leveling layer or between the leveling layer and the hanging tile, and make the leveling layer 35mm thick fine stone concrete with two-way steel bars inside, so that it is waterproof The effect is even better.

ZXC waterproof plastic sheet for roof

If the wooden board is used as the base level for leveling, a layer of coiled material should be laid on the base of the wooden board with a lap width of 10 cm, and the coiled material should be nailed to the wooden base layer with a downstream strip. The spacing between the downstream strips should be 500mm. The waterproof layer of gutter and eaves should be made of 1.2 mm thick synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane or 3 mm thick polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. After the waterproof layer is laid, the thermal insulation layer and resin tile are laid, so that the waterproofing, thermal insulation and tile covering of the entire roof are truly completed.