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Why do buildings need to build transparent roofs?

Why do buildings need to build transparent roofs?

2022-05-27 13:57:09

Houses with poor lighting make people feel depressed, so the lighting of houses is a very important issue. The lighting of ancient Chinese buildings relies on the design of windows, doors and patios, because in the past, tiles were mainly used to prevent rain, heat preservation, heat insulation, etc the role of UV protection.

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With the development of science, people began to consider the possibility of roof lighting. Until today, the commonly used materials for roof lighting and ventilation include safety glass, tempered glass,  FRP Transparent Roofing Sheet (new fiberglass roof panels), PC plastic clear roofing tile and other materials.

The setting of the transparent roof of the house can make the space look more spacious and the sight line is brighter. Not only that, creating a transparent roof of the house allows us to be closer to nature and enjoy nature, and it is also a good place to relax and help us cultivate the mood in our lives.

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