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Are the lighting tiles colored?

Are the lighting tiles colored?

2022-12-09 15:07:20

Transparent lighting tile is a relatively common lighting board, because it has good lighting efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and strong corrosion resistance, it is used by more and more enterprises and individuals.



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Many people will choose more transparent tiles with better lighting effects for better lighting, so some people think that lighting tiles only have a single transparent color or translucent color, but there are many colors of lighting tiles. We ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. can control the color of the lighting tile by adjusting the concentration of the color paste. If you have the color you want, you can contact us (frp corrugated sheet supplier china) for customization.


Different colors of lighting tiles can give buildings a good decorative effect. And colored lighting tiles can avoid the disadvantages of high temperature under direct sunlight, and the light that passes through is soft, making people feel more comfortable. But compared with transparent lighting tiles, other colors of lighting tiles will have lower light transmittance than transparent lighting tiles, so it is necessary to choose a color when choosing a color. Make judgments based on your own architectural design, lighting performance, and construction needs.