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Application of colored lighting tiles

Application of colored lighting tiles

2022-12-09 15:27:27

Transparent lighting tiles are widely used, especially suitable for winter production in farms in northern severe cold regions. Lighting tiles of different colors and thicknesses have different light transmittance. The darker the color and thicker the thickness, the lower the light transmittance. The conventional colors of lighting tiles are: transparent, lake blue, green, brown, blue, milky white, white, gray, red and other colors. The thickness is 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm several conventional thicknesses.

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For example: You can refer to the following color and thickness lighting tiles

1. The light transmittance of 1.2mm thick transparent FRP lighting tile is 85%, the light transmittance of 1.5mm thick is 80%, the light transmittance of 1.8mm thick is 75%, and the light transmittance of 2.0mm thick is 70%. 2.5mm thick light transmittance is 65%.



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2. The light transmittance of lake blue opaque FRP tile is 30% for 1.5mm, 20% for 2.0mm, 15% for 2.5mm, and 10% for 3.0mm.

3. The light transmittance of 1.8mm blue FRP tile is 22%, the light transmittance of 2.5mm is 13%, and the light transmittance of 3.0mm is 9%.

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If you don't pursue higher light transmittance, colorful and diverse lighting tiles are a good choice, which can be matched according to the building, and will have a good effect and aesthetic feeling. Especially in carports, large comprehensive markets, stadiums, farmers markets and other fields are widely used.