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Application of PVC transparent tile and FRP transparent tile

Application of PVC transparent tile and FRP transparent tile

2022-07-26 17:52:18

FRP transparent tiles are processed from glass fiber reinforced plastic esters. FRP transparent tiles are mainly used for roof lighting in large-span industrial plants, greenhouses, passages, etc. Its characteristics are similar to those of PVC tiles, but the fire resistance performance is relatively poor. It is not suitable for use Use in home improvement.

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There are two kinds of PVC transparent tiles, one is the transparent tile used with PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile, and the other is the lighting glazed tile used with the synthetic resin tile. It has the characteristics of strong UV resistance, strong fire resistance, good sound insulation, light weight and strong impact.

It can be seen from the appearance that the synthetic resin tile is rich in color, three-dimensional and beautiful in shape, has strong decorative properties, and has super weather resistance, which is suitable for home decoration. If the resin tile roof needs to be used with the lighting tile, it is recommended to use the lighting glazed tile, because during installation, the specification and tile type of the lighting glazed tile can be completely fitted with the synthetic resin tile to prevent the possibility of water leakage.

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Another PVC transparent tile used in combination with PVC anti-corrosion plastic tile is suitable for lighting in factory buildings, lighting in various farms in agriculture, light transmission on the top surface of farmers' markets, as well as steel structure workshops, market channels and many other fields.

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