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ZXC Wholesale Lightweight Synthetic Resin Tile and PVC Tile Roof Tile

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, roofing building materials have experienced a development process from single to diversified, from simple to complex. Synthetic resin tile and PVC tile are a kind of plastic tile, which is used as a new type of environmentally friendly building materials. (asa pvc roofing manufacturer china)

Lightweight plates are beneficial to building earthquake resistance, and with the reasonable seismic connection method of plates, they can meet the requirements of seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees. And when the earthquake occurs, the secondary damage caused by the plate is small.

pvc corrugated plastic roofing sheets the plate type specification can be tailored according to the actual needs of the building, and the plate can be opened with holes, installed with lighting covers, roof pipes, fans, etc.

No special maintenance is required during normal use, and the use cost is low. When local damage can be repaired directly on the roof, if it is necessary to replace the board, the veneer can also be replaced without affecting the overall structure.

Lightweight plastic tiles are currently advocated roofing building materials, and have been widely used in new farm construction, flat-to-slope projects, residential buildings, villas, plant construction, warehouses, markets and other fields.