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Which buildings are synthetic resin tiles suitable for?

Which buildings are synthetic resin tiles suitable for?

2022-06-08 18:41:50

Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material, with strong weather resistance and adaptability, durability, easy installation, rich and diverse colors, strong three-dimensional appearance, and can be perfectly matched with various styles of building roofs and the surrounding environment.

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Resin tiles are suitable for use on roofs with a slope of 20° to 80°. They can be cut arbitrarily according to complex roof shapes and shapes, and can be paved into roofs with two-sided, four-sided, multi-sided slopes, etc. The use of accessories such as dripping water, warped corners, and treasure tops will make the waterproof and decorative effects more prominent.

Nowadays, synthetic resin tiles are used in the upgrading and renovation of many places. So which buildings are suitable for the roofs of synthetic resin tiles?

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Old factory roof resin tile

In the past, many old factories were built with color steel tiles. After a period of time, the color steel tiles will be corroded and rusted by rain, and the wind will make a loud noise in typhoon days, which is very easy to leak water, and the use time is also Does not require frequent maintenance.

Old residential roof resin tile

The roofs of old houses are less effective in soundproofing and waterproofing than old ones, and such buildings also have potential safety hazards due to illegal construction. In order to improve the overall image of the city, the policy of changing from flat to slope will be implemented in some areas, and the original old color steel sheds will be replaced and transformed with synthetic resin tiles.