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What is the use of corrugated fiberglass board?

What is the use of corrugated fiberglass board?

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Corrugated fiberglass board is a type of building material that is used for various purposes in building structures, automotive parts and home appliances.

When used as roofing material, this board can keep out the elements, such as rain and snow, while allowing air to flow freely. It is also used in wall cladding systems, providing resistance to air infiltration, as well as insulation from external temperature changes to provide strength, insulation and weather resistance in building structures. 



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In automotive applications, corrugated fiberglass board is often employed as an underbody protection system. Its flexibility and resilience make it able to absorb impacts and shocks from the road, protecting the vehicle’s body panels from damage. It is also used in automotive electrical components, such as in interior wiring, in order to shield and protect electricity-carrying wires from shorting out.



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Corrugated fiberglass board is also used in home appliance and industrial equipment designs, such as washing machines and ovens. This material can be a lightweight and durable alternative to metal when designing components, while still maintaining the necessary structural integrity.