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What is a clear corrugated plastic roof sheet?

What is a clear corrugated plastic roof sheet?

2022-09-07 16:23:38

The plastic transparent roof board is a board produced by using plastic as a raw material. As a polymer material, the internal structure can be changed at will. Under the action of low temperature or high temperature, the properties of the sheet are very stable, which greatly increases the use effect.



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After the surface of the plastic transparent board is specially treated, it has a certain barrier to ultraviolet rays, reducing the sunlight exposure to the plastic transparent board, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of the internal resin turning yellow. The chemical reaction is used to convert ultraviolet light into natural light, which can achieve a stable effect. If it is used in outdoor spaces, it can last for ten years.


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The plastic transparent board has a certain penetrating effect on light, low water absorption, and good fire resistance. The insulating effect is also very good, not easy to corrode, and workability. Used in the manufacture of various products, the color is not easy to change, anti-aging, so that the production cost is reduced.

In addition, the plastic transparent board has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, and has excellent thermal insulation effect. It has a good mitigation effect on heat loss, allowing heat to be utilized, and is mostly suitable for buildings with heating equipment.