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What are the shapes of greenhouse roofs and what materials are suitable for use?

Onservatory a facility that can transmit light, keep warm and cultivate plants. In the season that is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide growth period and increase yield, and is mostly used for plant cultivation or seedling raising of warm vegetables, flowers, forest trees and so on in low temperature season. There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different roof truss materials, lighting materials, shapes and heating conditions.

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So what are the shapes of greenhouse roofs and what materials are suitable for use?

1. Flat Roof Greenhouse
The roof of the flat-roof greenhouse is a greenhouse in which plastic film is laid between two layers of barbed wire to keep warm. This kind of greenhouse is very simple and is rarely used now.
2. Dome roof greenhouse
The span of this type of greenhouse is relatively large, and in general, the span can be about 12 meters. This kind of greenhouse is especially suitable for using flexible plastic film as lighting material, but also suitable for using rigid plastic board.(2022 greenhouse plastic panels

3. Pointed Vaulted Roof Greenhouse
Practical technology for basic construction of rural farmland The pointed arch roof greenhouse is the same as the round arch roof greenhouse, which is suitable for both flexible plastic films and rigid plastic sheets as roof light-transmitting materials. However, compared with dome-vaulted greenhouses, pointed-vault greenhouses have better light transmission performance in high latitudes. In addition, there is no trapping of water on the membrane in a pointed-vaulted roof greenhouse, as rainwater or indoor fog droplets will naturally flow into the gutters.
4. Double-slope or single-slope roof greenhouse
This type of roof is the most common and is suitable for a variety of hard covering materials including glass. The latter three types of roof-shaped greenhouse structures can be equipped with roof ridge vents, air vents, or can be completely sealed without natural vents.

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