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Reasons for Deformation of Resin Tile Roof

Reasons for Deformation of Resin Tile Roof

2022-09-05 14:44:33

Synthetic resin tiles are very popular in the market. They are not only decorative, but also waterproof and have a long service life. So what is the reason for the deformation of the resin tile roof?

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The deformation of synthetic resin tile roof is mainly caused by quality and construction factors.
1. If you purchase resin tiles processed from recycled materials, the problem of deformation and fracture is easy to occur.
2. The production technology of synthetic resin tiles is not up to standard, resulting in high moisture content of the tile, resulting in shrinkage and deformation, and uneven camber will be formed after installation on the roof.
3. Deformation occurs due to improper installation of resin tiles.

The following specifications can be referred to during the construction of synthetic resin tiles:
1. When installing a 1050mm wide tile, the standard purlin spacing is 750mm.
2. The standard purlin spacing for installing 880mm wide tiles is 660mm.
If the spacing is too large, it will cause the roof to arch or sag. If there are frequent strong winds and heavy rains in the local area, the purlin spacing should be appropriately shortened. Therefore, when installing resin tiles, you must strictly follow the installation specifications, and it is best to ask experienced installers to install them.

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