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PVC plastic tile VS iron tile

PVC plastic tile VS iron tile

2022-12-01 17:20:48

Nowadays, various industrial plants, farmers' markets, breeding ranches, electroplating plants and other corrosive plants have higher and higher requirements for the use of roof tiles. They not only have requirements for room temperature, but also have good noise reduction and noise reduction effects, which can reduce various noise pollution, etc. Wait.



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In the past, all kinds of factories would choose iron tiles as roofs, but the roofs made of iron tiles are not resistant to acid and alkali. After the paint falls off, they will quickly rust, causing water leakage, poor heat insulation, loud noise, and strong wind. Or a hail attack can deform, resulting in a short lifespan.


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As a new type of environmentally friendly roof tile, PVC plastic tiles are made of ultra-high weather-resistant ASA engineering resin, which can ensure that the product has a 10-year fading rate △E≤5 in the natural environment, and the aesthetics are more durable.


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Advantages of PVC plastic tiles:
1. Difficult to burn, it will go out immediately after leaving the fire. Insulation, it will not cause electric shock in case of accidental discharge.
2. It does not contain asbestos and no carcinogenic substances are released. It is safe and harmless, and can be used with peace of mind.
3. It has good noise reduction, thermal insulation effect.
4. PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles are also added with UV anti-ultraviolet agents, which can truly resist ultraviolet radiation and have strong anti-aging ability. It can withstand the corrosion of acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical substances for a long time, and has strong resistance to acid rain and corrosive gases.