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PVC plastic roof tiles are preferred for old-fashioned houses

The old house is in disrepair and has been exposed to wind and rain for many years. The tiles will move or corrode, and it is easy to leak. In the past, the tiles of old houses were generally made of clay, and then a layer of oil was brushed on the outside. Prevent water leakage and corrosion. However, due to exposure to the outside world all the year round, the wind and rain will definitely cause damage, so it needs to be repaired and replaced.

For roof tiles, you can choose our custom pvc plastic roof tiles from ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The characteristics of the tiles can be customized according to the overall design style of the house.

Compared with general materials, we  ZXC oem plastic roof sheets supplier PVC tiles can be selected according to their own wishes, whether it is material or color. And because this material is light in weight, it can be laid by yourself without borrowing other manpower, which saves the cost of installation. It only needs to form a stable base in combination with wood, which controls the cost in this regard.