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Is the waterproof effect of PVC plastic tiles good?

Is the waterproof effect of PVC plastic tiles good?

2022-10-19 18:00:39

PVC plastic tile has the characteristics of weather resistance, the service life is not less than 50 years, the waterproof performance is outstanding, and the waterproof layer can be exempted. The scientific and reasonable installation method makes the roof an integral waterproof system.

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Advantages of PVC plastic tiles

PVC plastic tile has excellent toughness and strength, unique three-layer composite structure, biaxial stretching process and selected raw materials, making it better than similar products.

The material is relatively light, the handling is light, the construction is simple, the paving speed is fast, and the construction cost is minimized.

It is waterproof and moisture-proof, and has good sound insulation performance. It is the roof tile with the highest thermal insulation performance. PVC also has the characteristics of flame retardant and heat insulation, which can be directly nailed, sawed, drilled and planed.

If the PVC is damaged, it is very convenient to update, just remove the first piece at one end, pull out the boards one by one from the bead, replace the damaged board with a new one, and then reinstall the bead.

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PVC plastic tile is the lightest building weight and the lowest cost among the middle and high-grade sloping roofs. It is safe and reliable, rich in color, novel in personality, and lasting and stable in color. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, so it will not be mildewed or corroded in any environment, and it will look like new after rain.