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How to identify inferior FRP tiles?

FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic tile itself has many advantages. The most prominent advantage is that it has super light transmittance. It is widely used in the construction of workshops, warehouses, passages, etc. It can be used with PVC tiles and APVC tiles. And they have extremely good flame retardancy. So how to identify inferior products when purchasing FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic tiles?

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1. The surface of inferior FRP tiles is relatively uneven, which means that the thickness is not uniform enough, there are obvious bubbles and some cracks in the shape of preserved eggs and snowflakes, which will seriously affect the lighting effect and later service life.

2. The section thickness of inferior FRP tiles is different, the four sides are thick and the middle is thin, the overall stacking can be seen like a boat, and the hand feel is very poor. When installing FRP tiles, it is very easy to have a trampling accident, which brings great benefits to our body and mind harm.

3. The inferior FRP tile itself is transparent and colorless, but there are also some variegated FRP tiles and green FRP tiles on the market. These are estimated to be caused by inferior raw materials, which will shorten the life of the FRP tile. It will also reduce the use effect. It is recommended to pay attention to the color of the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile when purchasing the glass fiber reinforced plastic tile to be transparent and colorless.

4. The toughness of inferior FRP tiles is too poor, too strong, and has no adsorption force. It is easy to crack during nailing and installation, and there is the possibility of rain leakage.

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