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How to detect the aging degree of synthetic resin tile?

Synthetic resin tile is a kind of hard decorative material used in construction. ZXC Synthetic Resin Roofing sheet has a lifespan of more than 25 years. After long-term use, there will be some aging. In order to preserve the safety of the house, it is necessary to consider the replacement of the tile. How to detect the aging degree of synthetic resin tile?

1. Weather resistance test: The synthetic resin tile is soaked in 60% acid-base salt liquid for 24 hours, showing cracks, splendor and chalking. Replacement process.

2. For the impact resistance test, a 1kg steel ball is used to freely fall to the resin tile at a height of 1 meter, and the drop test is repeated about 10 times in a row. If the resin tile is damaged, it means that the resin tile is damaged or cracked. Replacement processing is required.

3. Load resistance test: When walking on the resin tile, if the resin tile breaks, it means that the load resistance of the resin tile has decreased and the resin tile has aged.

4. In the process of using synthetic resin tile, if the color on the surface of the resin tile has disappeared obviously by the naked eye, it means that the resin tile has aged and faded and needs to be replaced.

The above are several methods to identify whether synthetic resin roof tile ​are aging. If conditions permit, self-inspection can be performed to ensure safety and reduce unnecessary losses.