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upvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer chinaupvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer chinaupvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer chinaupvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer chinaupvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer china

upvc pvc roof gutter wholesales factory manufacturer china

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: ZXC
  • Product name: PVC Rainwater Gutter
  • Material: PVC
  • Key Word: Gutter
  • Size: Customizable
  • Usage: Roof Drain
  • Common size: 14cmx 16cm. 18cmx 20cm. 25cmx 28CM
  • performance: Acid and alkali resistant

Our Foshan ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is ASA PVC Roof tile, PVC roof gutter, plant cultivation rain gutter supplier, and provide customized and OEM services.


PVC gutter taking place of the metal gutter, anti-acid and alkali-resistant, nice out-looking and durable. Easy installation with high efficiency and low labor cost.


We the blue pvc rain water gutter bears extremely strong toughness, comparing with the common gutter, it solves the issues of short life span, transportation, being easily damage during the installation etc. (upvc gutter wholesalers china)


Warranty More than 5 years
After-sale Service Online technical support
Project Solution Capability NONE
Application Villa/ Hydroponics
Design Style Contemporary
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name ZXC
Product name PVC Rainwater Gutter
Material     PVC
Key Word Gutter
Size Customizable
Usage Roof Drain
Warranty More than 5 years
Common size 14cmx 16cm.18cmx 20cm.25cmx 28CM
Performance Acid and alkali resistant


*The length of this section is one meter, the longest can be six meters

Product name Specification Accessories
small gutter  Base width 14cm, height 16cm,
face width 19cm, thickness 2.5mm
Drain seal drain seal flush joint corne
middle gutter Base width 18cm, height 20cm,
face width 25cm, thickness 2.8mm
big gutter Base width 25cm, height 28cm,
face width 35cm, thickness 3.8mm


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1. When installing the rain gutter, the bottom supporting frame shouldbe made of steel frame, and the material should be sufficiently strong. The bottom frame should be in a straight line and there should be a supporting place every 1.5-1.8 meters. The two sides of the rain guttermust be protected by iron frames.


2. The two ends of the connection part of the rain gutter or the connectionport should be supported by the supporting bracket respectively.


3. Do not open holes in any part of the rain gutter for drainage withoutauthorization. This will affect the service life of the rain gutter, andspecial drainage fittings and water pipes are required to connect tothe downpipe.


4. It must be pre-drilled during installation, and the diameter of the drilledhole should be 50% larger than the diameter of the screw, which isreserved for thermal expansion and contraction.


5. The outside temperature changes greatly. In order to prevent thermalexpansion and contraction, it is recommended that the installation ofthe entire gutter should not exceed 18 meters. If it is to be exceeded,segmental installation and segmental drainage must be carried out.

1.Q: What is your product line?

A: We specialize in PVC trunking, PVC pipe, PPR pipe and fittings.


2.Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, We are a factory located in Foshan City, Nanhai District, Danzao Town, Hengjiang New Road.

More than 10 years of industry experience.


3.Q: If I want to get a quote, what information should I notify?


(1) Product size (width x height x length, thickness).

(2) Color.

(3) Quantity.


4.Q: Can we print our logo or company name on your product or packaging?

A: Yes, you can.


5.Q: What is the payment term?

A: We accept T/T or L/C, as well as the top 30% deposits of T/T, Western Uion,


6.Q: Is the sample free?

A: We can send samples within 5 days, but the shipping cost needs to be paid by you.

When we have a formal order, its cost will rebound.


7.Q: How to control your quality?

A: We strictly select high quality raw materials and regularly check quality control during production.


8.Q: How long should your delivery date be?

A: Usually 15 days after receiving the deposit, it also depends on your product and quantity.

Foshan ZXC New Material Technology Co., Ltd.



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