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Why install gutters on the roof

Why install gutters on the roof

2022-11-09 11:57:52
There is no rainwater gutter on the roof of traditional houses, and the rainwater flows down the outer wall of the house, leaving water stains directly and seriously affecting the service life of the outer wall of the house. The ground will also form ditches or stagnant water due to rain, affecting your travel and causing damage to the base of your building.

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The biggest role of rain gutters is to prolong the service life of buildings.

Gutters prevent roof damage: Gutters effectively drain roof rainwater, preventing rainwater from being trapped and causing the roof to rot or leak into the building.

Gutters can better protect the exterior walls: rainwater will not be well drained for a long time, which will cause the exterior walls to become wet, which increases the risk of mold and algae on the exterior walls, causing the exterior walls to wear out and damage the foundation of the building.

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Also keep rain gutters clean and free of obstructions on a daily basis. Rain gutters filled with leaves and branches are an attractive place for animals and insects to nest. So be sure to clean the gutters regularly to avoid obstruction of the rain gutters.