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Wholesale synthetic resin tiles are ridge tiles

Wholesale synthetic resin tiles are ridge tiles

2022-11-24 18:35:52

Synthetic resin tile contains various accessories, such as ridge tile, drip board, tee joint, cross joint, vertical wall flashing, edge sealing, drip board, deflector, cornice board, treasure top, corner, double dragon play bead, roll tail, etc., with complete types and diverse styles.



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Among them, the ridge tile, which is used for fixing and connecting the roof, is an important protector of the joint between the two slopes of the roof of a house. It is used in areas such as the right ridge and the inclined ridge, and because of its important position, it has different sizes. Right ridge tile, also called right ridge, flat ridge and big ridge, is located at the junction of two slopes of the roof and belongs to the highest ridge of the roof. Ornaments can be placed at both ends or in the middle of the ridge tile, showing a more atmospheric effect.



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