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What should you pay attention to when purchasing roof tiles?

What should you pay attention to when purchasing roof tiles?

2022-04-24 17:03:59

The roof tiles are located outdoors and are exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, so we must pay attention to weather resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and high-strength are the first choices. In addition, friends in the north also need to consider frost resistance when purchasing. The tile surface may fall off and crack due to low temperature, so try to choose a roof tile with a relatively high density.


pvc trapezoidal roofing price


Today's roof tiles also have many shapes, common in addition to corrugated, there are flat, square fish scale, trapezoidal roof and so on. Roofs created by different shapes will also have different effects. For example, the interweaving of corrugated roof tiles will present a rugged and uneven feeling.

The size of the roof tile is generally better to control the size error of a single tile within 2mm. If the size error of the roof tile is large, large gaps will often occur after paving, and even warping will occur. Therefore, the size of the roof tile must be accurate when purchasing, so as to ensure that the overlap during construction will not cause gaps.


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The color of the roof tile is best to choose a uniform color, soft and matte color, and the roof tile in the same area must ensure the uniformity of the color, without mottled or the color of the tile is different, otherwise it will reduce the overall appearance spend.