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What should I do if the wrong holes are drilled during the installation of resin tiles?

Only the correct construction method can combine the excellent properties of synthetic resin tiles, so it is best for you to understand some precautions before construction. Of course, for convenience, you can also hand it over to a professional construction team do.

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Many customers will encounter the problem of accidentally drilling self-tapping screws when installing resin tiles. Wrong drilling of self-tapping screws can be divided into the following three situations:

1. For a slight mistake, the screw is not installed on the sandalwood strip due to the inaccurate lay-out. In this case, just fill the wrongly drilled hole with glass glue. The lower cover can cover the position where the glass glue is applied.

2. Similar to the first case, but due to the large deviation, the lower cover of the waterproof cap cannot cover the wrongly punched hole. At this time, you can replace the screw with a nut to fix the waterproof cap on the resin tile.

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3. Due to the unfamiliar installation, the wrong resin tile is installed in a large area and needs to be reworked, but the installed resin tile has holes, and this kind of resin tile can only be repurchased. It also reminds customers to understand the installation method when installing and using resin tiles before construction.

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After the resin tile arrives, don't rush to install it. We must first observe the structure of the house and install the resin tile reasonably. Before installation, check and level the purlin support, check the flatness of the purlin one by one, and control the height difference between the installed purlins within the range of ±5mm.