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What is the difference between ASA roofing and traditional shingles?

What is the difference between ASA roofing and traditional shingles?

2022-04-01 18:44:09
Tiles are an important roofing waterproof material for houses, traditional tiles are fired with soil or made of cement and other materials. The shapes are arched, flat or half-cylindrical, etc.

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Features of traditional building tiles:

1. Poor durability and easy to break
2. The surface is rough and easy to accumulate snow
3. Large difference in size, heavy weight, inconvenient transportation and construction
4. The construction requires mortar paste, and the construction process is cumbersome
5. The maintenance cost is high, and if the construction is not good, it is easy to have potential safety hazards.
6. Traditional roof tiles cannot be recycled after use, causing pollution and waste.

The resin tile is made of super weather-resistant ASA engineering resin as the surface material, ASA weather-resistant engineering resin is a ternary polymer, which has chemical corrosion resistance, long weather resistance, heat insulation and flame retardant, color it is stable, rich in color and not easy to fade. It will not be embrittled as easily as ordinary plastic products.

Advantages of resin tiles produced by ASA materials:

1. The material has good water resistance and no water seepage
2. Strong impact resistance, good wind and shock resistance, and long life of the resin tile
3. Good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect, more comfortable indoor environment
4. The material is smooth and has self-cleaning effect
5. Light weight, easy to transport and install, reducing the load-bearing of the house
6. Green and environmentally friendly, recyclable

Resin tiles are widely used in self-built houses, villas, scenic garden pavilions, workshops and other fields. They are more durable than traditional tiles and are not easy to break and fall off. ASA PVC Plastic Roof Tile Manufacturer produced Resin tiles are rich in color, not only to meet these new needs but also to beautify the house.

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