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What are the maintenance methods of fiberglass roof panels

What are the maintenance methods of fiberglass roof panels

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The manufacturing process of FRP roof panels mainly includes steps such as resin impregnation, molding, and curing. frp roofing sheet manufacturers roof panels of different colors, shapes and sizes can be produced according to different needs. The panel has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation, long service life.



Daily simple maintenance can also prolong the service life of the panel, The maintenance method of FRP roof panel is as follows:

Regular cleaning: Use clean water or neutral detergent to regularly clean the surface of the FRP roof panel to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust.

Prevent scratches: Avoid scratching the surface of FRP roof panels with hard objects or sharp tools, so as not to affect the appearance and service life.


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Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the joints and fixings of the FRP roof panels are loose or damaged, and repair and replace them in time.

Prevent heavy pressure: Avoid heavy objects or people walking or exerting excessive pressure on the FRP roof panel, so as not to cause deformation and cracking.

Regular coating: Regularly apply waterproof coating and UV coating to increase the waterproof and weather resistance of FRP roof panels